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Episode 4

Meet Joaquin Hiniesta, Business Development & Export Sales Manager at Leovet.

Originally from Jerez de la Frontera, known as the horse capital of Spain, was it difficult for you to escape your destiny?

Yes, that's true, even though my introduction to horseback riding had to wait until my arrival in Germany. Life holds many surprises. Born in Spain, I quickly became a convinced European. I studied economics and international management in Cadiz and later in London. My early professional experiences took me to Poland, France, and then Germany. Even though I worked in very different sectors, I always built my career in international trade with the constant goal of contributing to the development of sales networks. Fortunately, I can now speak five languages: Spanish, French, English, German, and Italian.

Leovet positioned itself early on a range of natural care products for horses. What makes it unique?

The company was founded in 1982 by Dr. Ulf Jacoby in Lahnau, near Frankfurt. From the beginning, he had the desire to create a 100% natural care range for horses. Today, we market 60 products made from around a hundred different plant-based ingredients, with no petroleum derivatives in their composition. Everything is developed in our laboratory and manufactured in our factory. This environmental commitment has also led us in recent years to offer recycled and recyclable packaging. It is all summed up in our tagline: "Better health for the horse - less work for the rider."

How did the connection with Ekkia happen?

Xavier Darage had known us for a long time - we have been collaborating with Ekkia since May 2018 - and we just decided together to boost the business relationship. We started by training the Ekkia teams on our products and touring the Padd stores in France. It is essential to understand the products, their composition, Leovet's philosophy to better sell and advise customers. We also make sure to always be available to support Padd sellers.

The human or relational quality you prefer and what you dislike?

An essential quality in the context of international business is the ability to communicate by conveying trust naturally, especially with people from another culture. This quality brings credibility, essential for international success. On the other hand, what holds me back are people who are not transparent and lack authenticity.

Your motto?

"We have nothing to lose and everything to gain." With determination and will, the result follows. I often repeat to my team members: "Try."

Ekkia in one word?

Without hesitation, professionalism. The team has a very structured approach to the business relationship. It is essential for success in business.

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