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Episode 11

In the eyes of Emilie FALIP senior buyer outdoor & equitation at Private Sport Shop.

You say that you can't imagine your life without horses. How did this relationship develop?

We lived with my parents in Dijon, and my mom's colleagues had a pony club nearby. I had just started fifth grade, and I couldn't imagine then the role horse riding would play in my life. I started riding at the Etrier de Bourgogne, which trained for eventing. Then, after an accident with my horse, I changed centers to focus on show jumping, to reassure my parents! I competed in amateur elite classes and participated in some one-star CSI events. Alongside my riding, I aligned my career goals with my passion.

Is there any chance you would consider a profession unrelated to horse riding?

No, that was the plan. After finishing high school, I started a degree in Sports Science. I didn't want to be a sports teacher or a fitness trainer; my goal was to get into Saumur. After completing the first two years of Sports Science, I switched to a sports management program at a university of applied sciences. It allowed me to obtain my first-level coaching certificate in horse riding while pursuing a master's degree. I met many professionals in the equestrian field and did training internships, such as with the National Interprofessional Horse Union and the event agency managing the CSIO de La Baule. After my studies, I started a mobile saddlery business in the south of France and traveled to various horse shows. I expanded my business by creating a website for customizable equestrian equipment. After selling my business, I worked as a representative for the company Equine Industry, and then I met Private Sport Shop.

We are in 2012, and this collaboration with Private Sport Shop begins. How did it evolve?

Private Sport Shop was founded in 2011 and is now the leading flash sales website for sports articles in Europe. Over 14 million members benefit from our offers in various sports every day. I started with the flash sales section with a mission to expand the equestrian offerings, which were very limited at that time. Quickly, I developed strong relationships with equestrian brands. In 2020, I joined the Le Shop team, responsible for the inline part of our e-commerce, to continue developing the equestrian section and take over the management of outdoor brands. We have the trust of 200 brands, presenting their collection products on Le Shop.

When did your first contacts with Ekkia happen?

Our first collaboration happened after the 2014 World Equestrian Games held in France, where we sold excess stock related to the event. I already knew Ekkia as a rider, of course. The partnership strengthened when Pascal joined and later Monique, with whom I had collaborated when she was with Euro-Star. We integrated ten brands into the shop, including Pénélope, Equithème, Northon, Paddock, and on the flash sales side, we regularly organize a sale.

What is your favorite human or relational quality, and what do you dislike?

Honesty. I don't like being misled, having things hidden from me, or not being told the truth. In a client-supplier relationship, building trust in this atmosphere is crucial. What I don't like is aggression.

A motto?

A line from The Little Prince: "Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality." It makes sense to me; I always wanted my profession and passion to be connected.

Ekkia in one word?

I would choose two: diversity and availability. Diversity, because Ekkia's catalog covers almost all types of products a rider needs for themselves and their horse. Availability, because Monique, Pascal, and their team always respond promptly to my inquiries.

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