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Episode 1

🎙 Introducing Elodie Ibsaiene, the creator of Alodis Care, a company that manufactures and sells a range of 70 horse care products.

👉 Trained in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and equine massage, Elodie has established her business at the intersection of all her passions.

You often say that there was already a horse in your garden when you were born.

Yes, my father had the passion, which he quickly passed on to me. I was a show jumping rider up to international competition level. I chose to study fashion design specializing in sportswear/streetwear and started my professional life in the fashion industry, working with well-known sportswear brands. At the same time, I was involved in the development of the RXR Horseriding protective vest brand within our family business, which gained some recognition in eventing. But everything changed the day I met a pharmacist who introduced me to the benefits of clay and essential oils. I started producing my own products and trained in aromatherapy, herbal medicine, as well as human and equine sports massage. My profession then became a combination of all my passions.

How did this reputedly conservative industry welcome you?

High-level riders are demanding; they expect effectiveness and concrete results. I silently fought for months to be accepted. The turning point was probably when I met Patrice Delaveau at the CSI Deauville. I had already started working with high-level horses, but this time a partnership was established. This collaboration subsequently opened many doors for me; the competition world is a small one. Today, I work with the top French riders and equestrian centers: Edward Levy, Camille Condé-Ferreira, Astier Nicolas, Haras de Clarbec, La Laiterie de Montaigu...

Where is your company, Alodis Care, at now?

In 2015, in the heroic days, I was formulating my products in my kitchen, sticking labels, and preparing shipments at night. I started with 2-3 products, and now I have close to 70 in the current range. The strength of the brand, in my opinion, comes from being both a manufacturer and a user. In fact, I still massage around thirty horses per week, which allows me to have immediate on-the-field feedback. More recently, Covid has been an unexpectedly accelerating factor in our growth, as riders have refocused on their passion. This is why we went from having 2 to 9 employees, and a relocation of our warehouse in Dives-sur-Mer is planned to accommodate our development. I enjoy being in full control, without investors, maintaining a somewhat artisanal touch, and reinvesting everything in the production facility. I also uphold values related to natural, organic, "no doping," and sourcing materials as responsibly as possible, prioritizing French producers when feasible. When I look back, I remember all the people who advised me not to pursue this path when I had a great position in fashion design. Passion always triumphs!

Your relationship with Ekkia?

To be completely transparent, I had some apprehensions before starting our collaboration. They are the number one on the market, and I was about to enter the big world of distribution. In the end, I came to Haguenau, met knowledgeable and dedicated collaborators. I had the opportunity to train the managers of Padd stores, and the brand was very well received. A climate of trust was quickly established, and I am very excited, just a month away from Alodis products being available on the Ekkia platform. It will be a fantastic springboard for the brand.

The human or relational quality you prefer and what you dislike?

What I love is being guided by passion. And today, I realize how fortunate I am to be able to live off it while being in daily contact with great champions and exceptional horses. What I appreciate less is reducing an entrepreneurial adventure like mine to numbers. You can discuss business with heart.

Your motto?

There will be two. Alodis' motto, "well-being in performance," and one that has always guided me: "To achieve great things, one must take great risks." It sums up my life so far quite well.

Ekkia in one word?

Strength. A leader that embodies modern values that resonate with me, such as Green Impact.

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