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Episode 06

On the track of Amandine

Amandine, how does one become an embroiderer after studying literature?

It's true, I studied literature and then Fine Arts. What I have in common is that I have always been attracted to design, fashion and collections. My first professional experiences were in ready-to-wear boutiques. And then there is my region, the cradle of the textile industry, and the family influence, no doubt, my mother and grandparents having always worked in linen workshops. The circle is complete. However, I took a two-year break and went to live in Australia. I did all sorts of jobs there, it was an incredible experience. But, in the end, I came back to my roots. Since 2020, I have joined the Serge Bavay clothing company in Douchy-les-Mines, and we work on customised products for Paddock Sports.

What does your job as an embroiderer involve?

It's easy to imagine an embroiderer with a needle in her hand, but in fact I'm more comfortable programming computers and using the professional software that controls the embroidery machines. Depending on the order, I can use embroidery machines with 4 heads, for series, or with a single head, for customisation. I also do some retouching to adapt the design to the specificities of the medium. Here, with the 6 seamstresses and my embroidery colleague, we have a real know-how and a made in France production.

Could you see yourself as a woman entrepreneur?

I have a lot of admiration for women who manage to reconcile everything, to work hard from Monday to Sunday. I don't know if I would be able to do that. Maybe if I had created my own shop and clothing line. My passion for design has never left me. I have always drawn a lot, with charcoal, grease pencil, black and white illustrations. So I'm a business owner, but not at any price, family-wise. It takes a lot of energy for a woman to impose herself in a society that is still very patriarchal.

What do you think of this 8 March day?

That it is first of all a day that goes rather unnoticed. That the necessary equality between men and women should be anchored in the customs. And yes, although women deserve this day a thousand times over, it is good to remember that this equality of rights was above all a struggle. It is also a day that allows us to keep in mind that we are privileged in France and that not all countries are as lucky as we are.

And if you were elected President of the Republic, what would be your first measures?

They would concern equal pay. I am revolted by all issues of injustice and inequality. And having previously worked mostly in small organisations, this is a real topical issue. Equal pay for equal work is the basis. Talking about the issue is already bringing to light what is in the shadows. That's the first step.

Your motto?

No boundaries to creativity as with equality

The Serge Bavay workshop in a word?


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