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Eventing team gold medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics s, Karim Florent Laghouag discovered horseback riding during school holidays with his uncle, coach Pierre Defrance. He became a riding instructor while continuing his journey to the top level. In 2006, he entered in his first World Equestrian Games and finished 10th. In 2018, he enabled the EQUITHEME- JIMENEZ FVA team to win the Grand National Eventing circuit. Karim is also a show jumper. Several horses have accompanied his career: Histoire de Triballe, Havenir d'Azac, Entebbe de Hus and Punch de l'Esques.


Born in Rouen (Normandie) Timothée Anciaume is a French show jumping rider. He made his mark on the international scene in 2009 with his top horses, Jarnac, Litsam and Lamm de Fétan. French Champion in 2014, Timothée Anciaume has a great career as a show jumper. He has been the an EQUITHEME ambassador for the longest time.



French Handisport (Grade I) Champion in para-dressage, Amandine Mazzoni discovered horseback riding at the age of 4. She pursues a classical equitation, when at 15 years old, she is diagnosed with a degenerative disease. However, she decided to ride no matter what and entered para-dressage. Thanks to the actor Alex Lutz who entrusted her with a horse, Amandine is now regularly on the competition scene. Thanks to the good results with her horse Verden, Amandine is aiming for a qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Games.