Founded in 1967 in Alsace, Ekkia quickly becomes a society of excellence in the field of equestrian sports with international recognition which is based both on the quality of the products it proposes and the extent of its offer.

Undeniable leader in its market, the company Ekkia continues to develop every day its expertise of horse and equestrian sports to satisfy its customers with today a catalogue product of more than 12.500 references Distributed in more than 70 countries around the world.

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Numéro d'inscription au registre de commerce et des société : RC STRASBOURG 67 B 112
Siège social : 12 rue Branly BP 90035 67501 HAGUENAU CEDEX
Capital social : 3 500 000 €
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URL du site : www.ekkia.com
Numéro individuel TVA : FR 91 678501 123